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As a Mastermindyou excel at using others to do your dirty work. Perhaps you build killer robots, command deadly Ninja, order hardened soldiers, or summon the undead to do your bidding. Whatever your choice, you have an army of minions at your beck and call. You can summon them when needed, order them to work your will, and even use your own powers to enhance them or weaken your foes. The Mastermind is a difficult class to play, often demanding constant attention to control your minions and stave off the retribution of your enemies.

Primary : Summon Secondary : Buff.

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A Mastermind's primary power sets are designed specifically for summoning. All of the Mastermind primaries have a common structure. Masterminds gain access to their first type of Henchman at level 1, their second type at level 12, and their third type at level They also gain access to one Henchman upgrading power at level 6 and another at level Unlike other pet-summoning powers, Henchman-summoning powers change as the Mastermind gains levels.

Specifically, once a Mastermind hits level 6, their first Henchman power stops summoning one minion at the Mastermind's level and starts summoning two at the Mastermind's level - 1. Then, at level 18, the power changes further and instead summons three minions at the Mastermind's level - 2. The second-tier Henchman power also undergoes changes like this — it begins by summoning one equal-level minion, then changes to summoning two -1 Henchmen at level Jump to: navigationsearch.

Modifiers at level Melee Ranged Damage Scale 0. Limits at level Category : Archetypes. Personal tools Log in.

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Contents 1 Overview 2 Power Sets 2. This section contains information about changes that took place in City of Heroes Freedom. It is provided for historical purposes.Mercenaries is one of the powersets. It is a Mastermind primary power set. Despite their reputations, Mercenaries are extremely loyal dedicated soldiers.

They are the best at what they do, and they always follow orders, exactly what a Mastermind needs. Mercenaries typically use conventional weapons and all Mercenaries have body armor that gives them resistance to smashing and lethal damage and their training makes them resistant to confusion and placate. The Mercenaries powerset is available as a primary set for Masterminds.

The following table shows which powers are available and at what level:. Quickly fires a Burst of rounds at a single target at very long range. Damage is average, but the fire rate is fast. Can also reduce the target's defense. Enlists one highly trained Commando. The Commando is a seasoned professional who favors heavy assault weapons. He is simply a one man army that can leave a wake of destruction in his path.

In addition to the standard Soldier resistance, the Commando's experience also makes him resistant to Fear and his rugged advanced training makes him slightly resistant to Fire, Cold, and Toxic damage.

You may only have 1 Commando under your control at any given time. If you attempt to summon another Commando the power will fail. Equip your Mercenary Henchmen with more advanced munitions and weaponry. This power permanently bestows new weapons and abilities to one Mercenary Henchman. The powers gained are unique and dependant upon the target Mercenary Henchman.

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This power only works on your Mercenary Henchmen and you can only equip any given Mercenary Henchman once. Launches a Grenade at long range from beneath the barrel of your Assault Rifle. This explosion affects all within the blast radius, and can knock them back.

You can use a special Serum to turn one mercenary into a virtually Unstoppable killing machine for a short time. Once the Mercenary is injected with this Serum, his Damage, Accuracy, Endurance Recovery, and Damage Resistance to all damage except Psionics, will be greatly increased.

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The target Mercenary will also be virtually immune to controlling effects including Disorient, Sleep, Hold, Immobilize, and Knockback. After the Serum wears off, the Mercenary will be exhausted and drained of all Endurance for a while. Fires a single Slug at a targeted foe. Firing a single Slug is slower than firing a Burst, but deals more damage, is longer range, and can knock down foes.

Calls forth one to three Mercenary Soldiers the second is available at level six, the third at level eighteen to do your bidding. The third Soldier you gain will be a Medic.Forgot your password? By RebelJune 29, in Mastermind. Let's look at it: Thugs minions have a lot of single-target attacks with a few cones, and with the exception of the Bruiser they're all ranged, so they're good against hard targets like bosses.

The Enforcers get the Leadership auras, which gives your guys defense. Cold Domination : Often overlooked in favor of Force Fields, and wrongly so. You can still bubble your minions and team for similar defense values, but in exchange for knockback powers and a mez resist PBAoE bubble you get some positively wicked debuffs in Infrigidate, Sleet, and Benumb. Plus Heat Loss is like Fulcrum Shift but for endurance.

Fearsome Stare, Petrifying Gaze, and Tar Patch keep groups under control, Darkest Night gives -to-hit and -damage, and Twilight Grasp keeps your guys topped off on health. Having a seventh pet in Dark Servant throwing out debuffs and control is just icing on the cake. Poison : On the downside, Poison's heal is kind of iffy since it's single-target, a projectile, and has travel time.

On the upside, I've heard it described as one of the best single-target debuffing sets in the game. You get Envenom and Weaken very early, which is a one-two punch that ruins the day of anybody you drop them on, and while Poison Trap is a little hard to use it's a trap you personally need to deploy, which usually means dropping it directly at an enemy's feet to ensure it works in a timely mannerNoxious Gas is just an aura of stank that you can put on your Bruiser so when he charges into melee he makes everyone around him violently ill.

Radiation Emission : It's still a really good debuff set with various ways to slow and weaken things. Do note, however, that it does shine brighter with other teammates, as Fallout can't be used on minions and Accelerate Metabolism provides much less of a benefit to your guys than it does you and other players.

Skip Choking Cloud.

Necromancy Mastermind Part 2 of 3

Time Manipulation : Admittedly I know very little about this, but the enemy-targeting powers hinge on the use of Time Crawl as an opener, which makes all further debuffs hit the target harder, including Time's Juncture, a PBAoE toggle that gives -to-hit. On top of that, Farsight provides a good bit of defense and can easily be made permanent. If you're by yourself putting Temporal Selection on your Bruiser will make him hit harder as well as giving a similar effect as Time Crawl, making all your heals heal more on him.

Might've lost the thread there a little bit or left a few sets out, but it's a start. Didn't just want to leave you with "X is good" without saying why.

City of Heroes Best Solo Builds (One Man Army)

As a Scrapper main I eat a steady diet of crayons and glue to keep my wits sharp and my reflexes honed. I'm not sure with this one, same as any I guess. That and who doesn't want gang war? Corrosive enzymes is what you use to solo the envoy of shadows Not in numbers it is quite a bit lower than some others but once you get used to FACING your minions, you will seldom miss a heal again Wild Growth- adds resistance and regen Slotting it up and making it perma can be a little challenging to early characters, though.

Very valuable to teams and it adds what you need for taking down AV's, -regen.Fun to read AND informative. I recommend it to all MMs especially the ones starting on the AT. What I've found is that MM's are "boring" on paper - there's always three pet skills, that you should always take, at the same level s. No other AT has such an obviously regimented, optimal progression Stalkers are closest: Hide and Assassin's Strike at 1 and 6.

Then there's the other powers in your primary that you should "never" take the blasts, that occur at 1, 2, and 8. And then there's that level 18 power, which is a fun wildcard BUT Of course, that doesn't take into account any synergies with the secondary powersets, which can be intriguing even on paper.

Might be worth mentioning the team inspirations work very well for master minds, effecting all of your pets along with team mates and you for five minutes with one inspiration. I am glad you made this guide. I can refer people to it form now on. I have been playing masterminds since they day they were available.

I still have a hard time on occasion getting a trial and such, but I have been playing my mastermind so long, most people know i know what I am doing and drop their nomastermind rule. This is what i encourage everyone to do, dont half-ass a MM, play it very well, and people will start asking for you, instead of just grabbing you to fill a spot.

On a side not,anyone who says MM's arent good, my MM, currently has every master badge there is, that includes the real ones like no deaths and such, so don't let anyone tell you different. Prosperity Marie. I am looking foreward to your talks on the other sets and perhaps even the secondary and what may go best with what. It's funny. I love masterminds, but I just can't play them for long. I get to about 24 before I just See, it's not that they're 'Borin', it's that I just never feel like I'm really doing anything.

Here I am, this super-squishy guy with no attacks, telling my pets to kill things and using my binds and buffs or debuffs to try and keep them and myself alive through all of their AI stupidity, and in the end I just feel like a distressed nanny, watching as my pets try fruitlessly to walk through a crate until I directly order them to move somewhere.Description Power List.

Brute Corruptor Dominator Stalker. The Mastermind is uniquely a villain Archetype, there are no real counterparts to it in City of Heroes, although it combines some of the features of the Defender with the pets of the Controller.

In many ways, though, it is the ultimate expression of the villain, the evil genius that plots and schemes his complex crimes, while commanding a legion of cohorts to do his bidding.

Beast Mastery

While the player Masterminds may never match the power and influence of the greatest Mastermind of them all, Lord Recluse, they can command their own little part of the Rogue Isles for their own ends. And it is those ends that determine what kind of subarchetype a Mastermind is. The Necromancer does not care for worldly power, because he is a master of the forces of death himself.

He might be an evil wizard who has made a pact with some demon, or a scientist who has created monstrosities in his quest for eternal life. Either way, he typically commits crimes to further his quest for knowledge or power, although he may need material wealth to continue his research.

Zombies are very strong and hardy, making them excellent for "tanking", but they can also be stupid. Their slow, shambling movement makes them difficult to direct and position, as well. Fortunately, the higher level henchmen, and the Necromancer's unique ability to summon the "soul" of his fallen allies as an additional henchman, can make up for this.

city of heroes mastermind secondary

So as mentioned below in the entry for the Demon Mastermind, Dark Miasma is one of the best choices for Secondary, because of its powerful healing and support abilities. Traps also makes a good mesh with Necromancy because of the link between the concepts of the "mad scientist" bringing the dead to life and technological gadgets. Plus, you can use Detonate to make your zombies explode, just like Dr.

I mention Thermal, just because of the way the idea of flaming zombies seems to be universally described as "cool! The Ninja Master is a Sensei, well, actually the description says that he could also be called Shogun, Kage, or Lord, or even other names as well.

The main thing is, he is a trainer and leader of ninjas, and is able to command their absolute obedience. He may be a petty thief, or he may have grandiose plans to rule the world or recover some ultimate relic. Although it is possible for the Ninja Master's henchmen to be modern-day Ninjas, it is also possible that they are summoned from some shadow realm, making them magical in nature. And this would mesh nicely with Dark Miasma. Like Zombies, Ninjas are primarly limited to hand to hand combat, which can make them somewhat unpredictable and difficult to command.

Even so, they are very fast and agile, unlike the slow and shambling Zombies, and can Super Leap as well. They use Super Reflexes to dodge attacks, instead of just enduring them as a more resiliant henchman would, which can lead to some nasty surprises if you try to use them as "meatshields". They actually act more like Stalkers, and with the Ninja Master's innate ability to Hide his Smoke Flash, he can control when they make their Assassin Strike. In order to keep with the "theme", the Mastermind may wish to take Stealth or Invisibility himself, or take Dark Miasma for Shadow Fall.

Trick Arrow is the more "natural" pairing for this Primary, since it matches the arrows fired as the Mastermind's primary attacks. However, Trick Arrow is not a very popular set, because of its weak debuff effects, and an overabundance of control powers which are not that strong for a Mastermind.

Dark Miasma and Poison may be better choices, so check the descriptions below for the Demon Mastermind and the Homicidal Madman. Material wealth is not important to him, and neither is violence and death, although he may be driven by revenge.

The Evil Overlord is a conquerer, though, and his ambitions go far beyond the Rogue Isles.These beastly allies lack ranged attacks, but make up for it with a specialized focus in melee combat.

Call forth wolves, lions, dire wolves, hawks and insects to harass your foes. Additionally, you have a chance to gain a stack of Pack Mentality when you and your pets land a hit on an enemy. Each stack of Pack Mentality will boost the damage of all of your nearby beast henchmen. Pack Mentality can stack up to 10 times and will fade after a short time.


The Beast Mastery power set is available as a primary set for Masterminds. The following table shows the level at which each power is available:.

You call forth a hawk ally to swoop in and viciously peck at your target causing High Lethal damage. The attack often catches foes off their guard and can knock them down as well as reducing their chance to hit. This power has a good chance at granting your pets a stack of Pack Mentality. You command an unkindness of ravens to quickly assault and harass your foes. Your foes will suffer Moderate Lethal damage over time and have their speed and defense reduced.

This power has a high chance at granting your pets a stack of Pack Mentality. You summon a swarm of stinging insects to harass your foe causing Light Lethal damage over time and reducing both their movement speed and defense. This power has a moderate chance at granting your pets a stack of Pack Mentality. You command your beasts to fight more defensively. Using Fortify Pack will prevent your pets from benefiting from Pack Mentality for 60 seconds.

city of heroes mastermind secondary

The number of charges of Pack Mentality you own when activating this power will determine the potency of the Defense and Regeneration buff that will be granted to your pack. Additionally, simply owning this power grants your beast pets attacks a chance to critically hit that scales with the amount of Pack Mentality owned by the Mastermind. You call upon the aid of the fabled Dire Wolf. It has powerful bite and breath attacks. Unlike wolves and lions, the Dire Wolf has some limited ranged attacks.

You may only have 1 Dire Wolf under your control at any given time. If you attempt to summon another Dire Wolf the power will fail. Dire Wolf attacks have a chance to build a charge of Pack Mentality. Pack Mentality is a Damage buff aura that radiates from the Mastermind and can stack up to 10 times. You can summon one to two mighty lions depending on your level. Lions are one of the most deadly predators on the planet and possess vicious claw and bite attacks as well as growl and roar buffs and debuffs.

Like all Henchmen, Lions can be trained to be even more powerful. You may only have 2 Lions under your control at any given time. If you attempt to summon more Lions, you can only replace the ones you have lost in battle. If you already have two, the power will fail.

Lion attacks have a chance to build a charge of Pack Mentality. Calls forth one to three Wolves to do your bidding.

The third one summoned will be an Alpha Wolf, which grants some leadership bonuses to the pack. Wolves have no ranged attacks, but can quickly close in on their prey.If you have not given City of Heroes a try since its return in Homecoming, under the excellent guidance of the SCORE team, you are missing out on the re-emergence of something extraordinary.

Speaking of which, if you HAVE gotten back into it, have you ever seen a combination in action and then wonder how freaking marvelous it might be? Say what you want -Yes, it's a farming build. But man, is it also a viable solo build for running regular content, outside the life of the AE Rainbow Comi-Con Caverns Tell me another scenario where Freddie Mercury is fighting alongside toons from every conceivable fandom.

Combine the Lethal and Toxic damage of Spines, with the incredibly balanced Fiery Aura secondary, and you have a rolling machine of doom, so to speak. I am always shocked when I hear that more people don't play Warshades. In terms of versatility, this is the most effective Swiss Army Knife in the game. A Tri-Form Warshade is just sick in terms of ability. This build not only shows off a great variety of powers, but has a deep level of damage dealing and survivability. Warshade full details.

Really, when a lot of people think of soloing, Masterminds, and Robotics specifically, comes up repeatedly, as the newer Time Manipulation set not only has some great survivability and utility to it, but when treated right, those robotic minions break out and bust things up! It is worth mentioning that bodyguard mode should not be overlooked, ever, that goes double for solo players.

And don't misuderstand, while not the most stable build, when you finally lot up some IO's, you the world is a different place. Add your ability to not only deal damage but buff, heal and contain threats, and good golly, is this a fun build. You did not expect this to be on here. I aim to change your mind. Pay attention to whet your appetite, this, to me, is an incredibly fun build to play.

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city of heroes mastermind secondary

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